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To drive you in maximum comfort to your destination.
Our fleet is composed by high-end Mercedes cars.
The customer will have the possibility to select the vehicle that best suits his needs and the type of service chosen.

The comfort and elegance of our cars will be fully expressed during the journey where you will be able to experience the unique sensations that only a vehicle of this range can offer .

Our vehicles have all the necessary authorizations to circulate in the historic centers and restricted traffic areas of Italian and European cities and can travel along all the preferential lanes of each urban agglomeration.

We ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness on all vehicles.

Our cars are safe and efficient, insured with the highest ceilings and subjected to constant checks, to offer you the best possible experience.

Below you will find sections dedicated to our cars, where the characteristics of each of them will be described in detail, in order to make your selection as accurate as possible.


"Superlative safety and ride comfort"



Mercedes V-Class, highly sought after on the market, will offer you maximum comfort and safety during your journey.

Versatility is the strong point of this car, designed to transport groups of up to a maximum of 8 people, so you can enjoy the journey while relaxing in company until you reach your destination.



"Sportiness that conquers"

With a design with a strong visual impact, its precious interiors and a dynamic look, the Mercedes E-Class is the perfect mix of power and elegance.

Whether it's a business meeting or a trip with friends, this car will take you to your destination in style and in total comfort.



"Luxury, beyond appearances"


Mercedes S-Class is the maximum expression of elegance that our fleet can offer.

The clean design of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class focuses on the essentials: perfect proportions on the outside and contemporary exclusivity on the inside.

First-class comfort in the rear compartment where passengers can take advantage of every gadget that S-Class technology can offer.



"Innovative, efficient, reliable."


Mercedes Sprinter is the ultimate minibus prototype.

Able to adapt to almost any need, Mercedes Sprinter will lead you to your destination in complete safety and comfort.

Suitable for large groups, the Mercedes Sprinter can carry up to 20 passengers simultaneously.


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